Why Here?

I suppose the first question which might arise – and which I had to answer myself – is why I would want to write posts on my own website as opposed to one of the myriad available platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Medium, among others). Frankly, it is the diversity of the platforms which led me to the decision. Rather than write several different places, I prefer to write in one. Nevertheless, for those who are interested, I will distribute what I write to different media from there; it’s easier on my senses and allows me to focus on my writing. If you insist on being updated as soon as there is new material, you can subscribe to this site and will receive new content as it comes.

Why The Name?

I’ve had blogs in the past, including theGampr, for which I tortured myself to come up with a clever┬áname. Again in the interest of simplicity, I’ve chosen to avoid that process altogether and go with my name as the site’s name. After all, this will be a place for my personal thoughts, opinions, and essays. It will be unlike The Armenite, which is focused solely on Armenian issues and where there are several contributors.

So, the real question is, why not?