Who am I?

I’m William Bairamian.

I’m an avowed politico with a penchant for writing. I try to err on the side of viewing the world as a complex system brimming with over seven billion complex beings. So, although I’m not always successful, I try to avoid whittling issues, individuals, and ideas down to soundbites, hashtags, and epithets.

Professionally, I’ve worked in politics, primarily in issues advocacy and on election campaigns, as well as in public relations and strategic communications. I hold degrees in political science from Columbia University and UCLA where I focused my studies on international relations and security policy, respectively.

I’m deeply interested in philosophy for giving us understanding, the arts for giving us beauty, literature for giving us wealth, and history for giving us humility. I am also fascinated by the imperfect sciences of economics, psychology, and sociology because I appreciate their tenacity in trying to explain the inexplicable: man.